Baby, it’s cold outside.

So we’ve all noticed the incredible drop in the temperature recently and can you believe that it’s already November? I’m going to say what we are all thinking… Christmas is just around the corner (whaaaaaat?!) Here at Bodilight we are getting into the festive mood and like to offer our lovely clients the best kind of present, the present of … Read More

We have the answer to your lash needs…

Do you ever wish you could wake up in the mornings and not have to worry about applying mascara? Come on, we all know what a pain it can be, specially having to take it off each evening! Would you believe me if I told you that here at Bodilight, Kent, we can make those dreams a reality and you … Read More

Brows that WOW!

Brows that Wow! So when it comes to eyebrows there have been so many different trends… yes we all remember the time when it was fashionable to have the pencil thin brows (what was we thinking eh?) Well now it’s all about having those thick, perfectly arched brows, but we are having trouble achieving them. Flicking through magazines, seeing all … Read More

Benefits of Wrinkle Relaxers

There are a number of benefits of Botox injections, from eliminating wrinkles and fine lines to preventing excessive sweating. Did you know that a lot of patients use it to actually treat migraines? There are no known long-term side effects, however, your facial movements will be minimised in the particular area treated. Botox can be effective from those suffering from … Read More

What is the best facial?

There are so many skin treatments on offer these days it can get a bit overwhelming. So much to choose from it can make our head spin! Many people are unsure about the difference between PRP facials, face peels and Microdermabrasion. All these technical names. What do they all mean? Many questions arise such as, what exactly do they involve, … Read More

What does Retinol do?

Retinol appears to be the latest big thing in skin care at the moment. Everywhere I go it seems to be mentioned. I decided to investigate and see what all the excitement was all about. What is so great about Retinol? There are so many advertisements promoting fad ingredients that are made out to be “miracle cures”, but I am … Read More

Valentines is here – Don’t Panic!

It’s an imposed, contrived and hallmark holiday often somewhat predictable… But we all want to be ready right? Need some tips to look your best on “love day”? Whether you have a week, a day or half an hour to prepare, we can help. Love yourself first If you have time, a pamper session can make you feel truly worthy … Read More

Hottest Beauty Trends for Spring 2017

If you aren’t up to date with the latest catwalk trends, then allow us to fill you in! With Spring soon approaching are going brighter and bolder than ever. Gorgeous glitter and rainbow colour makeup was seen across the shows from Fendi to DKNY. Here we outline the best of the beauty trends to follow. Rosy cheeks Wearing your blush … Read More

Everything you wanted to know about spray tanning.

Most of us like to look tanned. That healthy glow is very appealing. For some a natural tan is just not possible. Right or wrong, looking tanned is considered the sexiest look you can have right now. The pale, pasty look is out! Many people are turning to spray tanning to achieve that gorgeous glow. Just one session of airbrush … Read More

The Benefits of a Massage at Bodilight

I love a good massage and we all know that it can help you relax. However, massage therapy is useful for much more than that. Massage can be a powerful aid in your healthcare regime. Here are just some of the wonderful benefits of massage. Decreases anxiety and depression. Many diseases are related to stress. Stress ages us internally and … Read More