Laser (Nd:YAG) vs IPL

Did you know that IPL is NOT a laser? If you think all laser hair removal is the same think again! The IPL machine targets the skin in the first instance and then the hair, which reduces the effectiveness and often causes skin burn. The most common complaints from this inferior service are the poor results and skin burn. IPL’s … Read More

Aching Muscles?

Sports massage is not only for the benefit of professional athletes. It can also help for those of us who simply exercise regularly and feel a few aches and pains. The aim is to use fast, vigorous strokes to warm up your muscles prior to an activity or to ease your muscles for a faster recovery afterwards.   What are … Read More

And Relax

Pregnancy, one of the most worthwhile but tiring times for us ladies. Just when you feel like you have a handle on your hormones, whoosh! In comes another surge leaving you well and truly knackered.   Finding time to relax and switch off is so important, especially because the chances of this happening once the baby has arrived are slim … Read More

Bronzed Beauty

Winter is well and truly here with the brilliant sunshine a distant memory. The mornings are bleak, the afternoons are dark and a mist seems to cling to the sky. Gone are our glowing complexions and bronzed bodies. The weather may be grey but our skin doesn’t have to be. The perfect pick me up is a Fake Bake spray … Read More

At your fingertips!

The festive period is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing……party time! What better way to get yourself ready then with a shellac manicure? Shellac is a gel nail varnish created by the brand CND. It is applied to your natural nails, set under the UV lamp and can give you up to 2 weeks of a smudge … Read More

It’s that time of the year..!!

Are you already thinking about Christmas? No?! Well our team at Bodilight are, and we have the perfect gift to get you into that festive mood! We have in stock now our amazing Environ Christmas Boxes and they are more fabulous than ever! Once you are done admiring the beautiful design of the box, inside you will be greeted by … Read More

Hollywood bound?

A noobs guide to their first professional wax If you are new to waxing but have been thinking of giving it a go, here is a short article about my positive experience in the world of professional hair removal, and how to prepare yourself practically (and mentally!) I was very dubious about bikini waxing at first! The thought of paying … Read More

Baby, it’s cold outside.

So we’ve all noticed the incredible drop in the temperature recently and can you believe that it’s already November? I’m going to say what we are all thinking… Christmas is just around the corner (whaaaaaat?!) Here at Bodilight we are getting into the festive mood and like to offer our lovely clients the best kind of present, the present of … Read More

We have the answer to your lash needs…

Do you ever wish you could wake up in the mornings and not have to worry about applying mascara? Come on, we all know what a pain it can be, specially having to take it off each evening! Would you believe me if I told you that here at Bodilight, Kent, we can make those dreams a reality and you … Read More

Brows that WOW!

Brows that Wow! So when it comes to eyebrows there have been so many different trends… yes we all remember the time when it was fashionable to have the pencil thin brows (what was we thinking eh?) Well now it’s all about having those thick, perfectly arched brows, but we are having trouble achieving them. Flicking through magazines, seeing all … Read More