Bodilight’s BIG Beauty predictions 2017

2016 was full of exciting beauty trends from glittery lids and glossy skin to twisted hair and blackcurrant lip. We welcomed a renewed celebration of individuality within hair and make-up. What will 2017 bring? Bodilight gives you our biggest beauty predictions for 2017!

  • Non-heat hairstyle is going to be big this year. You can give your hair a break from your drying GHDs. Natural curls, looking carefree and effortless will be the trend. Twists, braids and knots are getting bigger and it is the year to experiment and try new styles. The effortless sophistication of up-dos with a difference! It is already on the runways and is going mainstream.
  • Balayage hair colour. The French technique which goes from dark roots to light. It is flattering and can work on a variety of hair lengths. Ashy tones in particular will be big. Aside from looking great, it is relatively low maintenance option as most are able to go for a quite few months between colour treatments.
  • Lip and Cheeks stains. A little goes a long way, it has a dual purpose so you need less products and can look very natural if done well. What’s not to love? You can achieve a gorgeous glow and the perfect pout all at once!
  • Chrome nails. This beauty trend is on the rise and metallic nails will be rocking 2017. Why not come down to Bodilight to try out this new trend for yourself?!

  • Charcoal masks. Activated charcoal has amazing detoxifying properties and is great for absorbing impurities in the skin. It has become a major contender in the beauty industry. People are using it treat everything from acne to teeth whitening and even to relieve upset tummies.
  • Cut crease makeup look. This is the technique by which eye shadow is applied in the crease of your eye to create a defined look. There are many tutorials demonstrating this technique.
  • Jojoba Oil. This amazing oil is a fantastic multi-purpose moisturising oil suitable for any skin type. It is derived from the jojoba plant and has natural moisturising properties. It is fast absorbing and is great for the face, hair and body. Natural products are one the rise and becoming big industry! People are becoming more conscious of the ingredients in their products and I for one will be checking mine more closely.

What trends will you follow this year? We have a lot to look forward to and why wait to start? Why not pop down to Bodilight and kick start the new year with a bit of pampering and be a trend setter yourself!

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