Everything you wanted to know about spray tanning.

Most of us like to look tanned. That healthy glow is very appealing. For some a natural tan is just not possible. Right or wrong, looking tanned is considered the sexiest look you can have right now. The pale, pasty look is out! Many people are turning to spray tanning to achieve that gorgeous glow. Just one session of airbrush tanning is said to be equivalent, colour wise, to as many as six sunbed sessions.

So how does it work? Spray tan has an active ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This chemical interacts with the amino acids in your skin to change the colour into a tanned look. The effect is temporary and depending on your skin type can last up to ten days. It is completely safe for your skin, although does not provide sun protection. DHA has been used in cosmetics for nearly 30 years, and the chemical is a natural sugar which is also found in walnuts and rape seed oil plants. The results you can get are generally very good and it can be maintained for as long as you want with top ups. The colour starts to fade as the upper layers of your skin epidermis wears away naturally.

The best way to prep your skin before a spray tan session is to exfoliate your skin well. You should shave or wax the day before your treatment and shower in general only twelve hours after the session, although at Bodilight we offer a 60minute speedier option. It is best not to wear any perfumes or lotions, which will create a barrier on your skin and could stop the tanning solution from working properly. You will need to take off all jewellery beforehand and loose clothing is advised to avoid the solution rubbing off afterwards.

There are benefits of having a spray tan over products like lotions, creams and mousses. First of all, it is very easy to apply. Once you’ve prepped your body you just go to the tanning salon. The technician will then spray your body with a fine mist and once blended a little you are done. It is easier and less time consuming than spreading gel or lotion on your body and trying to get an even coating. It also dries a lot quicker which means it’s less likely to get onto your clothes or bed sheets.

Bodilight offers a flawless, golden spray tan with Fake Bake. We offer a lighter original shade as well as darker shades. Fake Bake has olive undertones so that you do not get that horrible orange look. Our experienced technicians will ensure you feel totally at ease and will explain every step of the process. We offer different price packages to suit your needs. A skin test is recommended 48hours beforehand. We also sell a range of Fake Bake products should you wish to try it yourself at home. Why wait until summer? Achieve that healthy holiday glow all year round and feel great.


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