Laser Hair Removal (LHR) VS Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

There are many different ways of removing that unwanted hair, but there have been two names that you have probably heard a lot, Laser Hair Removal and IPL. Many people don’t actually know the difference between the two, which is why I’m here to help you out a bit.

Here at Bodilight we only offer Laser Hair Removal because we believe it’s the 1 and only treatment to PERMANTELY remove that stubborn unwanted hair, but don’t just take our word for it, there have been clinical studies as well that proves LHR is the one to pick if you’re struggling to decide between the two.

There have been many clinical studies which do prove LHR is more effective than IPL, including one study of around 900 people that used LHR reported extremely stable results 9 years after their Laser treatment! Amazing, huh?! There has been no such evidence for LONG TERM results for IPL. If you’re not already sold on LHR, I’ll carry on with some more facts.

I know we are all money conscious, especially after the Christmas period which is why many people do choose IPL over LHR because in some cases IPL treatments are cheaper, but in the long run you will be having many more treatments for IPL then you would for LHR, on average you will be having around 10 IPL treatments to see a reduction in your hair growth, with LHR you’ll be having 6 treatments to see a reduction in your hair growth.

This is the Fitzpatrick Skin Types scale that we go by when we are doing LHR. At Bodilight we use the ND YAG laser which is considered to be the ‘Gold Standard’ in LHR. This Laser can treat skin types up to type 6 but the higher skin type, the more at risk you are with pigmentation. IPLs are not considered to be safe for treating skin types 5 & 6. LHR does not treat ALL hair colours, the hair has to be dark, and the laser will not work on white or grey hairs.


Lasers have many different techniques for cooling the skin because LHR can be uncomfortable due to the laser using heat; most people describe it as a “short, sharp heat sensation” or a “pinprick”. Here at Bodilight we use ice packs to cool the skin before and throughout the treatment, we also use a cool air blower that will be used throughout the treatment to try and make the laser treatment as comfortable as possible for our clients. IPL tends to use a cooling gel, which has been described as being quite messy and doesn’t keep the skin cool for long.

Summing up

  • LHR is a permanent hair removal treatment. IPL does slow down the hair growth but will require maintenance more frequent treatments than LHR.
  • Laser will require fewer session (clients will start to see a significant hair reduction after 6 treatments). IPL will require more sessions (clients will see a difference in hair growth after 10+ treatments)
  • Laser uses a single, concentrated beam of light to precisely target the unwanted hair. IPL uses a scattering of intense pulsed light to cover an area in a quicker time.
  • Laser frequencies can be adjusted for each individual depending on their skin type.
  • Laser uses a wide range of different cooling techniques to make sure the client is comfortable during the treatment.

This is why at Bodilight we use the ND YAG Laser instead of IPL because it is definitely more effective and our clients do get better and more desirable results. It does cost a bit more money to have LHR then it does IPL but you get your money’s worth. You will be having less laser treatments to what you will be having with IPL. And did we mention our Laser is only 1 year old so you can be sure its up to date and effective unlike older machines.

If you’re sold on LHR why not pop in to see us? We are plenty more info about LHR for you guys!


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