New Suntana V. Spray Tan.

Well, as many of you know here at Bodilight we only use the best products, including our spray tan, we use to most popular and most loved brand Suntana, always achieving the most natural, healthy looking tans.

Did you know; that DHA (the tanning ingredient in spray tan) is actually colourless? That’s right, colourless! You’re probably thinking “how do the spray tans get their colour?” and if you’re not thinking that, I’m going to tell you anyway. Suntana use cosmetic bronzer (which is the colour guide) which gives the spray tan it’s colour but without these bronzers the tanning solution would be completely transparent and it would be impossible to apply. The bronzers are blended together using 3 primary colours, red, yellow and blue, and by manipulating the ratio between them, that’s how Suntana achieve their different base colours. Most other spray tans are usually green or red based.

But recently Suntana have brought out a new spray tan solution, Suntana V. It is a violet based tan, which has been developed to achieve a deeper, darker more “exotic” looking tan. As the tan develops, the violet base will correct any yellow/orange tones, this is because violet is opposite in the colour spectrum to these nasty unwanted undertones, which means one thing, if you’re worried about looking orange after a spray tan or you’re tan developing to look a bit orange, then using Suntana V you will no longer have to worry about this undesired look.

As the tan is going on, it is a bit odd I will admit. It does look a bit grey to begin with, which if you’re used to spray tanning it might come as a bit of a shock, but bear with it because the end results are totally worth it. You wash it off after 6-8 hours like usual, but here’s the interesting part, after you’ve washed your tan off, it keeps developing for 3 days after you’ve washed, weird huh? But this means that you’ll be getting a more intense looking tan.

Testing the product:

Milly tested out the Light tan. “Standing there looking at the tan was really strange, I looked a bit grey which was really shocking to see because its something I’m not used to when having spray tan, it did look darker to the normal Light tan that I usually go for but the end result was well worth it.

Before Suntana V Light Tan                                                                                 After Suntana V Light Tan


Stef tested out the Medium tan and said the same as Milly, the colouring was odd and noticed it did get darker over the 8 hours she had it on for but once washed off, she was really happy with the way it came out and the colour it gave her.

Before Suntana V Medium Tan                                                               After Suntana V Medium Tan

   before-suntana-v-medium before-suntana-v-medium2after-suntana-medium2after-suntana-medium

 Why not try it yourself today? 

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