New to Bodilight: Suntana Mousse

We are very excited to announce that here at Bodilight we are now selling Suntana Mousse!
This is an at home self-tanning mousse from Suntana. It comes in 4 different colours and 4 different delicious smells (please resist temptation to eat the mousse). The light tan which smells like coconut, the medium tan which smells like cherry, the dark tan which smells like chocolate and then lastly the after dark tan which smells like blackberries. These are all the same tans that we use in salon for our spray tans.
This mousse is instant, fast drying and easy to apply, all you need is a mitt or something similar (latex gloves work a treat also). It leaves no streaks and absolutely no mess, which means no more stained flooring!
It has natural Aloe Vera and skin conditioning ingredient which means this mousse will care and moisturise your skin while giving you an instant healthy glow while your tan develops over 4-6 hours, then you simply wash off and you’re ready to go and make everyone envious of your natural looking tan.


Testing the product
Us girls at Bodilight were super excited to try out this tan, as soon as we got the delivery we tore open that box and purchased the tan to take home and experiment with it! We each brought a different colour.
Milly brought the Coconut tan (Light); “I decided to test it on my legs first. The night before I made sure that I exfoliated my knees and ankles and moisturised to make sure that the tan wouldn’t stick to any dry patches. On the evening of tanning, I made sure that I showered and got rid of the moisturiser I put on the night before was washed off so it didn’t create a barrier. I then applied the mousse with a mitt, it went on so easily and left no streaks, it was easy to see if I had missed any places because of the guide colour. It dried really quickly that meant I could put trousers on straight after without running the risk of rubbing the tan off. I left it on over-night to develop and washed it off the next morning. It looked darker in the morning but as I washed it off (with water only, no shower gel or soap) it was getting lighter and I was so happy with the end result! It was such a natural, healthy looking colour, no streaks, even all over, absolutely brilliant product.”
Stef brought the Cherry tan (Medium) and she took some before and after photos, the tan looks so natural, giving her the perfect tan with no streaks or white bits!

Before and after Suntana Cherry Mousse;


Looks good huh?
So, the big question now is, do you like what you read? If yes, what are you waiting for? These miracle tans are flying off the shelf fast!

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