Top Beauty Moments 2016

2016 has been a politically turbulent year that’s for sure! However, the beauty world has been thriving. We outline the most prominent moments for beauty 2016.

  • The no make-up look is a big trend this year! The contour look being over-done, as declared by Kim Kardashian. Alicia Keys bravely kicked off the #nomakeupmovement starting the makeup-free revolution. Do you dare follow suit? Not sure I could ditch my daily mascara and my ever so essential under eye concealer, but going for the more natural look is definitely the way to go.
  • Facials were big in 2016. Pampering your skin, as well as more intense treatments, giving immediate results, such as, laser treatments and skin peels. It’s all about preening and caring for your skin. Bodlight offer a variety of nourishing facials and skin treatments to suit your needs. Our team will happily go through the options to pick the best one for you. Another great option is the Environ skin care range which is very potent, full of essential vitamins, fantastic for protecting the skin and delaying the aging process.
  • Whilst the Brexit result came as a bad shock to many, spa bookings boomed and many British spas actually reported a rise in bookings. Even the make-up industry had a boost in sales. People are becoming more conscious of the importance of nurturing themselves and their bodies, in this busy and sometimes stressful world we live in. Make it your new year’s resolution to take some time to pamper yourself. Check out the Bodilight website for our extensive range of treatments. An all over body massage or facial can do wonders for the soul.
  • Since Theresa May became Prime Minister she made a bold statement with her signature red nail polish on short nails. Short nails are now as much in fashion as long nails. Providing you choose the right design they can look just as fabulous. Bodlight’s skilled nail technicians will show you some gorgeous nail design ideas and with our extensive range of colours you will be spoilt for choice!
  • Fringes are making a big comeback! There are so many fringe styles to choose from. Get inspired by Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Gigi Gloss and Alessandra Ambrosio to name a few. These beauties have all experimented with a fringe at some point throughout 2016.
  • Curls have been springing up everywhere. There are so many curly hair styles to choose from and they are all over the catwalk. Soft tousled curls, to waves and spirals are all in. There are so many curling tools out there now and ideas on how to achieve the perfect curls. Even short cropped curls can work and Audrey Tautou’s cute pixie cut proves just that! Adding a few highlights will further accentuate the curls once mastered.
  • A shameful moment for the beauty industry arose when British model Leomie Anderson tweeted about having to bring her own foundation to shows as many make-up artists didn’t cater for her black skin colour. Since then Topshop has featured Anderson in their beauty campaign featuring more shades of foundation. L’Oreal Paris has followed suit and no doubt many other brands with unveil more shades in 2017. A powerful and influential moment for fashion week.
  • Bold eye brows have been huge in 2016! Big, statement brows with deep arches framing the face are all the rage. There are many make up tools on the market to help you achieve this at home. Alternatively, our specialised beauticians at Bodilight can give you a more professional look with the HD eyebrows, tailored to your face and preference. The results are amazing and can turn over plucked, misshaped eye brows into fuller more beautiful brows, transforming and adding definition to your face.
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