Valentines is here – Don’t Panic!

It’s an imposed, contrived and hallmark holiday often somewhat predictable… But we all want to be ready right?

Need some tips to look your best on “love day”? Whether you have a week, a day or half an hour to prepare, we can help.

Love yourself first

If you have time, a pamper session can make you feel truly worthy of being admired. Mum took me for a classic manicure before my first date and now my big date routine is to always at least get my nails done. Increasing protein intake should improve your overall nail health if he/she is a long term project.

Why not treat yourself to some Gelish nails and a facial at Bodilight.

Eat to beat the bloating

Got a big date, or going out to find one? Feeling inflated Is not good and we are not talking with self-confidence!

A few changes can help you look and feel better outside and in.

There are various tricks you can deploy to reduce bloating. Boosting digestive health, by drinking hot water with squeezed lemon and ginger, half an hour before meals is a good short term measure. During the meal and an hour after you have finished eating, avoid drinking any further liquid. This helps boost stomach acid and eases digestion.

Digestive enzymes can assist in breaking down our food intake and probiotics can also help repopulate the gut with good bacteria killed off in our stressful daily lives by  alcohol antibiotics and poor diet,

Wheat can be a major culprit. Try eliminating gluten (wheat, rye, barley and oats unless specified gluten free) can help reduce bloating. Regardless of if you are lactose intolerant or not, cut down on your dairy intake. Due to stressful modern lifestyle conditions, or just as we get older, we produce less of the enzyme which breaks down lactose. Try to cut out or reduce the intake of wheat and dairy on the day and if possible, for a few days prior.

Food and fixes for a less complex complexion

We all desire clear and glowing skin for valentine’s day! Long term strategies must include cutting down smoking and drinking as these will certainly negatively damage our skin. What we put inside our bodies can also thankfully also improve our skin! Nourishing it from the inside is a great start and you’ll notice the benefit on the outside. Avoid consuming foods that can cause the skin to have breakouts again avoid dairy, gluten and sugar. Load up on the foods with good fats – found in avocados, salmon and nuts for example.

Juicing is a great way to skin detox. Cheap and creative ways to pack in antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals can really help achieve healthy skin. Try swapping out your morning coffee for a green juice on valentine’s day to encourage a healthy glow.

Microdermabrasion, peels, filler and Wrinkle Relaxers can achieve great results if you would like to explore the modern remedies to ageing and damaged skin. I had an advanced vitamin facial bought for me as a present, and will be back again next month.

Tend to the lady garden

Mum and I didn’t discuss my bikini line on our salon visit surprisingly enough! Styles, fashions and perceptions will always change regarding the hair down there. As a woman in my thirties I have watched the trend move away from natural shrubbery and towards a preference for decking. I have always preferred to get a wax but this is purely personal preference – this is for you, (or him/her if they are very lucky) style is unimportant, but attention to every detail really helps me feel special on a date.

Top up the tan, finally get that Hollywood, a smooth pair of legs, upper lip wax or whatever makes you feel confident and special that day is worth it.

The Valentine’s day mascara -Buy into it!

I found out long ago that you get back what you put into lots of these occasions. Even if the object of my desire has made half the effort I have, the relaxing mind and body preparation, self indulgence and positive results mean the day has been saved not wasted! You choose how much you will enjoy the day, regardless of how the date goes!

Wear the outfit that fits, not the one that you want to fit, and have a great time.


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