Your Beauty New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year, better you. Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Why not include Beauty resolutions to that list? Many of us are guilty of slacking on our beauty regimes and getting into bad habits. Implementing good Beauty routines will help you feel better about yourself and boost your confidence. Beauty resolutions are easy to incorporate with your daily life, so why not take a look at our top Beauty improvement suggestions and choose a few to suit you?!

  1. First things first! Clean those make up brushes. How often do you clean yours? Not often I bet. The brushes get full of grime and dirt and lingering bacteria can cause clogged pores and skin breakouts. You should get into the habit of cleaning your brushes regularly.
  1. Have a break from blow drying every now and then. Give your hair a break and watch your hair become healthier and glossier in a matter of weeks. Since natural curls and braids are in this year it has a double advantage. Treat yourself to a deep hair condition at least once month to help to process.
  1. Use Sunscreen. You keep hearing it, now is the time to implement it! No matter the weather your skin can be subject to sun damage. It will not only protect you from cancer, but also from dark spots and wrinkles. Environ’s sun care range is the perfect moisturiser with all the right ingredients to care for your skin during and after sun exposure.
  1. Make sure you schedule in regular “Me-Time”. Everyday stresses can have a big impact on our body. Set yourself a little time each week away from all electronic devices. A relaxing bath with salts and music is a great way or a monthly spa treatment can do wonders for the soul. Bodilight offers a variety of relaxing treatments such a massages, reflexology, facials and manicures. Our lovely team will help cater the treatment to suits your personal needs.
  1. Stop biting/picking your nails. Your nails can leave an important impression upon others and can say a lot about who we are whether we want them to or not. For example, bitten poorly kept nails can give the impression of low confidence or anxiety, whereas short, beautifully manicured nails can indicate good hygiene and professionalism. Manicures often come with a lovely hand massage and is becoming increasingly popular with men too. It not only looks great, but you will feel wonderful afterwards too. Whether you carry out or own nail care or have it done at a salon, it is becoming more important. Bodilight offers a variety of manicures and pedicures to suit your preference. Don’t forget our toes need not only to look good in the summer, but all year round moisturising and exfoliating is important. The Shellac nail option is great as will last longer and help discourage nail biting/picking. We have an extensive range of colours to suit every occasion and mood.
  1. Avoid regular heavy makeup. Just like it is good you give your hair a break from heat our skin needs a break from makeup. Your pores will become clogged, build up bacteria and break out in spots. Make up lovers need to ask themselves do I really need all this makeup? Tinted moisturizers and BB creams are lighter and provide good coverage without having the heavy caked-on feel. In addition to going easy on the makeup, you should stop sleeping with your makeup on and clean your face before you get into bed. Cleansing wipes are a great for ease and speed. No excuses.
  2. Lastly throw out old products. We do have a habit of accumulating a lot of products over time and half of them we probably don’t even use. They clutter up our drawers and cupboards and just end up looking a mess. Being organised is a good way to start the year. Throw away anything you have opened and not used in 6months. This point is definitely one that needs to be on my list.

So which of these Beauty resolutions will be on your list? Look great, feel great all year!


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